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A Troubling Turn of Events [30 Dec 2004|07:00pm]

[ mood | worried ]

At school, James had tirelessly attempted to find a loophole in the 'no Apparation or Disapparation onto or off of Hogwarts grounds' bit, without success. The magic was both ancient and fool-proof which, while good for safety, was rotten for sneaking. It'd been a bother a few years ago, but then, there hadn't usually been anything so very grave to worry about, and there were tunnels and the like, which came very much in handy now. Breaking into Honeyduke's presented very little problem; that could be Apparated into. The store was closed and the light was on above it. Owners were home. They had no idea that a man had just popped into the basement of their store, lifted a carefully concealed and now seldom-used trap door, and vanished underground without a trace.

The students, luckily, were mostly still at dinner, and James knew how to avoid those who weren't, once he had them coming. The Marauder's Map would've been useful, or his cloak, but that was at home and the map had been confiscated a few years before, curse Filch for it--they had worked hard on that bit of magic. But even without it was easy enough; from the humped witch's statue, he'd only to go down a floor and around several corners and corridors before the gargoyle appeared. Quick glance cast over his shoulder, and a softly-spoken password, and he was in.

The office hadn't changed much since the last time James had been there, which should've been comforting. Should have. There was too much on his mind still: giants and secrets and spies and the most recent rash of Muggle killings and, certainly not least, his friends. Despite that everyone had (oddly) remained in disguise the entire meeting at the Hog's Head, James knew beyond a doubt that Lily hadn't been there. He knew. And he did understand, now, Dumbledore splitting the Order up. Logistically it was very clever. Brilliant. But it still worried him for his wife. He knew that she could take care of herself and didn't need a protector, but he would've felt much better if he'd known that she was safe right now. Then there were his three friends. Sirius, he knew, had been there, but he couldn't safely say either way about Peter or Remus, and that worried him as much as Lily's whereabouts did. And then the whole business of the specific questions that'd been asked...Sirius by name, and married couples...Merlin, if anything happened...

While so occupied with worrying, James removed the patchy cloak and folded it over the back of a chair, and waved his wand at himself. The charms disguising him vanished, and he looked like himself again. Hair untidy as ever, glasses slipped a little low on his nose tonight, and looking rather lost in thought with his hands shoved into his pockets and his shirtsleeves rolled back to his elbows.

"Mr. Potter, aren't you a tad past being sent to the Headmaster's office for misdemeanor offenses? I thought you'd left Hogwarts already."

It was the voice of a sharp-eyed witch, a former Headmistress whose name James didn't recall from history lessons.

"I have, several years ago. I'm here on business."

"Of what nature?"

Another painting, this one of Phineas Nigellus, who looked skeptical.

"Private," was all James said, shortly, as he picked up one of the odd silver instruments from a spindly table to the side, examining it absent-mindedly and wishing the others would hurry up.

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[24 Oct 2004|01:17pm]

Lucius and Narcissa apparated back to their Manor after the previous night's events. After resting for several hours, Lucius was starting to recover from the ordeal. He decided to take Narcissa out for abit before his meeting with the Dark Lord.

"Narcissa dear, I am ever so sorry for being busy lately. But we have such important obligations to the Dark Lord! I made reservations at your favorite restaurant, Enchanted Forest for tonight. So be ready soon, we shall be leaving shortly." Lucius looked tenderly at his wife and smiled.

(OOC: Sooo sorry I haven't posted in awhile. And sorry Lucius is still alittle behind in times. Hopefully I can move this along faster.)

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Patch work feathers and mixed up charms. [21 Oct 2004|09:06pm]

Sirius put down his wand and placed his hand in his pocket, drawing out the card he had felt warming up moments before.

"Nothing Tonight. Drinks. Thursday. 6pm. TELL NO ONE."

At last, something to be doing. He had been practising his charms all afternoon, at the insistence of Lily, as he still couldnt beat her when it came to the blasted things. If there was one thing Sirius hated, it was losing, especially to Evans, as much as he liked her. So the day had been spent, and now the Potters house looked like a hurricane had been through it...a few times. He set to picking up cushions, vanishing the feathers that lay here and there with his wand, and righting the furniture as best he could.

He hoped Lily wouldn't notice, that perhaps she would be to excited about the meeting tonight. Not that he would mention it of course...never speak about it, those were the rules. But he would still be able to tell by her eyes. They lit up, and she got chatty, very chatty.

He had stayed at with his two friends again last night, after their game of quidditch on the moors. He hated going home, his family frowned down on him, and it wouldnt be the first time he had been hexed in the dark hallway to his bedroom. Bloody house was so full of dark magic, Sirius wondered why the ministry hadnt searched it yet. Then again, hefty donations would keep even the keenest dogs away.

He looked at the muggle clock that Lily kept on the mantlepiece, his watch being broken again. He couldnt afford to buy another one, and he didnt see the point really. This was the third one he had broken. But honestly, what a place for a watch! On the wrist?! The nect thing you know, your hands are in water, and the 'poof!' there goes the watch. Stupid muggle invention anyway. Wristwatch?

Sirius shook his head, glancing down at the broken time piece, before sitting down on the couch. White feathers mixed in with the yellow ones he had removed -by hand- from himself earlier in the day. Lily always protected her charms, and that was yet anohter thing he needed to work on. He sighed, and sat back. Too much work for today, he could do it some other time. Looking up as someone came in the front door, he waited for them to enter the sitting room without saying anything.

[open for Lily, James....Remus maybe? anyone really]

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[21 Oct 2004|07:53pm]

At 4:30pm on the following Thursday, a fight broke out in the Hog's Head. By 5pm, the sign said 'Closed for Repairs'. Aberforth paid the actors he had placed in the inn, and started to clear away in preparation for the meeting that evening.

Although he disliked the fights necessary to make ready for meetings, the idea of people meeting, dressed like the old druids, in his pub made him content. And perhaps he should be privy on this particular occasion. But he must consult his brother on that. It was his party, after all.

Setting out the usual selection of drinks (no alcohol, too dangerous), he lit the fire to a hearty blaze with a quick wave of his wand and settled down to wait.

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[19 Oct 2004|11:34pm]

(OOC: If Aberforth would be kind enough to start a thread with the bar scene, everyone could arrive there ;-) )

Hagrid's portkey left him in a small town outside Portree. It'd be two days before the portkey would take him back to London, just enough time to "catch the Pride of Portree game" as he'd told the officials in the Department of Magical Transportation office. He'd have to be careful and be sure to make an appearance at the game... he certainly stands out in a crowd, and it wouldn't do for any spies that the Dark Lord may have working in the Ministry to know he was here keeping an eye on the Giants. But Hagrid certainly wasn't adverse to this situation, the fact was that Hagrid quite enjoyed Quidditch. Never having been one with much of a disposition for flying on a broom, there weren't many as would hold him to be sure, he loved to watch the matches, and imagine himself soaring above the pitch... he'd always thought he'd make an excellent beater. But first he had some business to attend to, and began his trek to a small village just north of Portree that had been recently harried by the Giants, and from there to pick up the trail. Which certainly would be no problem to follow...

Meanwhile Dumbledore was continuing his examination of Sirius's dream in his pensieve. What bothered him the most was how specific the images Sirius saw were... How would it be that James, Lilly, and Remus would be the specific images used to torment him? Certainly there were spells that could amplify emotions of trust and mistrust, but the mind is not a book to read... to cast specific images into the mind, that would certainly take very specific information to be known ahead of time... he was certain of it. And then he saw it... as Sirius came around the corner, a Death Eater, standing just out of sight, cast a spell at Sirius from behind... as though he had been waiting for him. Which of course is exactly what it had to have been. The muggles they tortured, while obviously an enjoyable perk, were merely the bait they used to lure Sirius down that street. If they knew he would be there... and they knew who he trusted most... there was only one explanation for this..

(Post is too long, continued inside...)

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Frustration [02 Oct 2004|02:02pm]

Three days had passed, and still the Dark lord had sent no one to retrieve the poisons. Severus Snape would have been perfectly pleased if he never did, in all honesty. The Dark Lord would not be pleased with his progress on the Heartsbleed Draught, or lack thereof. The confidence he'd had at the last D. E. meeting was long gone now.

Severus had done extensive research using not only the less-than-savory book shops on Knockturn alley, his parents' old library, but also the restricted section at Hogwarts. Sometimes he wondered why Dumbledore allowed him in there during the summer holidays. The man had to know what the information was used for. Again, it was another example of Dumbledore's behavior that Severus found maddening. He prided himself on being able to determine what motivates an individual, but Dumbledore was the single individual who still mystified him on a regular basis.

Unfortunatly, many of the sources contained contradictory information, and sussing out the true formula was proving exceedingly difficult. He'd spent the past few evenings and any other time he was not busy restocking Rook's Potions engaged in failed experiment after failed experiment, and 36 dead rats were all he had to show for his labor. Oh, the potion would kill, certainly, but the manner of reaching death was never as it had been described in the texts. It was swift instead of slow, or nearly painless instead of agonizing or was clean instead of bloody. He had discovered 36 formulas for a very efficient pesticide, but no Heartsbleed. The Dark Lord would not be pleased.

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Posting- Finally [23 Sep 2004|06:15pm]

((OOC: Wow, I just finished catching up and reading everything you guys have posted. And overload of schoolwork, and my internet hating on me and crashing every two seconds really hindered me, but hopeully I wont be dissappearing like that again! It seems like Emmy isn't really needed anywhere now, so this is just a quick post to prove she's still alive. Feel free to drop her an owl or something if you wanna RP with her.))

Emmy spent the rest of that day performing her duties as a hospital volunteer- checking on patients and completing whatever tasks were assigned to her by the nurses. By the time she finished her shift and had a chance to visit Sirius it was evening, and the room was empty. Dissapointed, she made her way back home, Roxy in her arms, before apparating over to the Ministry where she was taking classes in her quest to become an auror. She didn't get home until midnight, and yet again she collapsed exhausted into her bed.

The next day she took the opportunity to sleep in, not waking up until noon. Because it was Sunday, she had no work, classes, or volunteer shift so she decided to take the day off and relax for once. There was a small cafe next to her apartment complex, so she bought herself a pastry and some hot chocolate to bring up to her apartment. Settling herself onto her most comfy sofa with her breakfast and a book- Gone With the Wind by - and Roxy in her lap, Emmy was able to empty her thoughts from the events of the past few days and for the first time in over a week finally felt more-or-less content.

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[20 Sep 2004|04:21pm]

[ mood | worried ]

As Lucius was sitting in the dining room at the Lestrange's Manor with Narcissa, an owl came flying in, delivering letters to him and Bellatrix. Lucius looked at it with a slight reluctance for he knew who it was from. He opened the letter and it read 10pm only. Lucius quickly glanced at Bellatrix and realized from her look that her letter was the same. He had a rather distasteful look on his face, as he folded the letter and stuck it into his robe pocket. He spoke to Narcissa, but was looking distractedly away from her.

"Sorry, dear. It looks as if our outing together will be cut a bit short. But we shall still go out tonight, no worries about that."

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[17 Sep 2004|10:30pm]

After leaving St. Mungo's, Dumbledore returned to his office at Hogwarts. Upon entering, he pulled his Chocolate Frog Card from his pocket, and stated to it "Rubeus Hagrid". After several moments, the picture on the front of his card melted away and the image became that of Hagrid, looking into his own card. "Yes, Professor Dumbledore, sir?" said Hagrid in response to the summons. Dumbledore quickly asked Hagrid to join him in his office, and receiving Hagrid's confirmation, he pocketed the card once again.

He then made his way to his cupboard, where he removed a small shallow basin with runes circling the edges. Placing the basin on his desk, he began placing his wand to his head, and pulling away silver strands of memories, and placing them in the basin. Something about the images that Sirius had shown him today distrubed him, and while he didn't have time before to study the matter as his concern was for Sirius, now with his pensieve he could study the matter more closely. Just as he finished placing the thoughts Sirius had provided him in the pensieve, Hagrid knocked and entered.

"Hagrid, I was hoping you could do a bit of reconnaissance for me." Dumbledore then outlined his wishes for Hagrid to tail and report on the stories of Giants attacking the towns in Northern Britain. "I'd send less recognizable spies, but at the moment I'm afraid I've streatched the Order too thin as it is, and I know you can certainly take care of yourself. Just follow and see what information you can find. No contact with the Giants should be needed or even chanced." As Hagrid departed on his mission, Dumbledore sat wearily behind his desk. "I'm getting too old for this Fawkes" he stated to his loyal phoenix.

With the details of Sirius's attack now clear from his head and being held in focus by the pensieve, as well as the relief of delegating the job of researching the motives of the Giants to Hagrid, he now had room to begin to organize a plan for allowing Marlene to attend the party on Friday, which was sure to include many of the most ruthless of Voldemort's supporters. While certainly concerned for her safety, if she insisted on attending, he would certainly work every possible string he could to allow her to go, after all a better source of information on the possible plans of the Dark Lord you couldn't find than a gathering such as this. He rose and began to pace his study, as was his habit, as much to keep himself awake as to chat with the different portraits on his walls as to their thoughts on his ideas, slowly working out a plan with their assistance that should allow for as safe a party as possible, with as little interference on the Order's part as possible...

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Bringing in the Weasley boys for a bit of fun. They are NPC's, Bill is 10, Charlie is 8. [17 Sep 2004|11:51pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Sirius apparated to the moor that they knew was safe to play Quidditch on, and was surprised to see a couple of people here already. Or rather, two small dots on brooms, which was as much of them as he could see, them being quite far off the ground. He waited a few moments as they circled closer and closer to the ground, and set down a few yards away from him. They hadnt seemed to notice him, and as he stood there he could hear them arguing.

"I told you I could get higher than you. My broom is better" said the taller of the two

"You did not get higher! I did!" said the smaller

"You did not!"



At this Sirius laughed, and the pair turned round, and, looking guilty, took a few steps towards him. Now that they were closer, and facing him, Sirius recognised the pair as Arthur Weasleys oldest two, Bill and Charlie, he thought their names were. He had often seen them with Arthur, at quidditch games, and with Molly in Diagon Alley. Good kids, both of them. He grinned as they came towards him.

"What are you two up to?" he asked them, wondering briefly where the others were.

"Bill thinks he got higher than me, but he didnt, I got higher, and he said whoever got higher could keep all the chocolate frog cards, and I got higher not him, so he should give me all his cards, but he wont" Blurted out the smaller of the two, Charlie. Sirius tried not to laugh, he didnt want to offend the kid on this obviously life or death matter.

"Hes being a baby" Bill remarked, scowling at his brother. "I got higher, and he knows it. He just doesnt want to give me his cards." And in response to this, Charlie stuck out his tongue.

Sirius appeared to be giving it some thought. Then, looking back down at the two boys, who were looking up at him, to try and solve the problem, he grinned suddenly.

"Since my friends seem to be delayed...I have an idea. I have a pretty big collection of Chocolate frog cards myself. If you can beat me up and down this moor, then I will split them between you lads, and that way everyone wins? Ok? But only if you beat me" he said with a quick glance at their brooms, noticing that they were both on Oakshaft 79's. Well....they were old brooms, but he was sure they could outrun him. Not that he would let them...no...not he. Not at all.

They both looked thrilled at that idea, so he walked with them to the edge of the moor, and the all mounted their brooms. "Ready...set...GO!" he shouted and the all took off and raced forwards. Dropping a little behind them, Sirius looked at them both with admiration. They were good flyers...both of them. Especially Charlie. He weaved underneath his brother and then up in front of him, darting around with speed, surprising for the broom he was on. He would make a fantastic quidditch player one day.

Sirius made a play fo trying to keep up, ducking down as Charlie did a loop the loop about turn and raced the other way. Bill was soon after him and Sirius brought up the rear. Landing gently on the grass, to see the two boys grinning at him, he pretended to be dissapointed. "I cant believe you beat me!" he exclaimed "You two can really fly!" That last statement wasnt false, he was really impressed with them. Arthur had two fine flyers in his family.

Looking over, he noticed his friends had apparated and were making their way over ot him and the boys. He grinned and waved. "What kept you?" he asked the four of them.

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The morning after [07 Sep 2004|10:06am]

Remus rolled over, half asleep and realized he kicked something squishy. His immediate instinct was to recoil with surprise. He opened his eyes and realized it was Wormtail, who grunted in his sleep. He rolled back over and tried to fall back asleep but failed at doing so. He lay there about half an hour and then he opened his eyes.

The room was very bright. Sirius was in the other bed fast asleep.

Godric's hollow? he asked himself, screwing up his eyes trying to remember what had happened the previous night. As the memory flooded to him, he realized he had a pounding headache and his mouth was incredibly dry. It had certainly been a long time since he had had that much to drink. He felt slightly ashamed, especially since he normally was good old reliable Moony.

Remus sat up and swung his legs off the side of the bed. The movement made his head pounded even more. The room spun a little. Remus held his head in his hands, hoping that the headache would go away soon so he could find his way to a glass of water and a cup of coffee. He stood to try to find his way to the bathroom, but is legs immediately buckled and he sat back down. I guess it will have to wait, he thought to himself.

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[31 Aug 2004|06:19pm]

Marlene awoke with a start. Blearily, she shifted her gaze around the room which she was in. It was dimly lit, but there was a cascade of flowers on the bedside cabinet, which immediately brightened up the room.
Grinning, she reached over and read one of the cards;

Feel better soon Marly. As soon as you're well again, we can go shopping! Alice x

There were many more cards, which she read eagerly and tossed aside, sometimes laughing aloud at the contents. Her father's was very dull and to-the-point. He voiced his disapproval of her job and...

Her job ... the only reason that she was sitting in this room with a pounding head. It all came rushing back to her.

She was sitting beside it again. She had left the Shrieking Shack in a hurry, intending only to call into the Ministry to apologise. She wouldn't be able to make her shift tonight, she had more pressing matters... The air was chill around her and the object fluttered ever more violently. The torches fizzled out and it came from behind the veil...a hand...reaching out... darkness...

Her train of thought was interrupted by a soft tapping on the door, and some hushed discussion from voices that she easily recognized. Hurriedly, she dived back beneath the covers, feigning sleep...

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[31 Aug 2004|11:53am]

Alice sat in a chair outside Sirius’ hospital room even after the others went it. There were already too many people crammed into the small room and Alice had still yet to go to bed in the past two days. After a few moments she got shakily to her feet and headed towards an outgoing floo because she lacked the strength to apparate.

As she walked towards the flue she thought about what had gone on with Sirius. It was a new trick of the Death Eaters, before it seemed like they were just going out and attacking and killing, now it seemed the strategy was divide and conquer. Alice wondered if it had been her, if she would have been able to tell that they were fake memories. If Frank had revealed himself to be a Death Eater… had she been more awake, Alice would have found the thought laughable.

“Ministry of Magic.” Alice said after dousing herself with floo power. Despite her long night, she still had a desk and a job. She made a mental note to send and owl to Sirius to apologise for leaving, whether or not she remembered the mental note was an entirely different matter.

Alice dragged herself to her desk and fell unceremoniously into her chair. A few memos that still had a bit of magic in them fluttered around her desk while her inbox whistled at her, another reminder that there was still work to be done. She glanced over at a poster on the other side of her cubicle. Alice’s tired frown deepened as it winked at her. “Lestrange…” Alice almost hissed the word as she wondered if the dark witch had been there in the park.

“Alice…” The sound of her name startled her a bit, but was overcome with relief to hear Frank’s voice. He smiled at her and helped her out of her chair. “Come on, let’s go home.” She didn’t remember much of the walk to the floo or arriving in her living room or taking off her shoes and robes before falling asleep the instant her head hit the pillow.

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[30 Aug 2004|12:55pm]

"Davids!" Lord Voldemort called, and the short, cloaked man rushed in, anxious about the tone in his Master's voice.

"What happened on the mission?" Voldemorts voice was dangerously low, and his eyes burned a rageful red.

"I... I don't know, my Lord."

"They didn't contact you?"

"No, my Lord."

Watching the black figure grovel below him, Voldemort leaned back in his chair and tented his fingers. What had happened? Something went wrong. Had he lost some of his most loyal followers? Admittedly, he could replace Crabbe and Goyle easily... but Malfoy? The Lestranges? Even Nott would be difficult. Why hadn't they sent a message yet?

"Davids. Get up."

The Death Eater stood to his feet and, anticipating what was coming, held out his arm.

"No. You will summon the Lestranges, Crabbe, Goyle, Nott and Malfoy. Send them messages with '10pm' on them. That is all. Write no more than that."

Davids nodded and backed out of the room.

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[23 Aug 2004|01:09pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Lucius woke to some blurry images scattering around him. He immediately got up, prepared to fight, thinking he was still in battle. His vision began to clear and he noticed several house-elves were tending to him.

"Aaagh, get off of me!" Lucius yelled, sounding disgusted. The house-elves, taken aback, ran off. He looked around the room and noticed he was in the Lestrange's Manor. He then remembered the events of last night and the failure of their mission. Then it hit him. The Dark Lord would be wanting a report and a reason why their mission did not succeed. A look of horror briefly came across Lucius's face. He was the one in charge, afterall. The Dark Lord had appointed him. "Well, it wasn't my fault." Lucius reassured himself.

Lucius swayed slightly as he rose to get up, still recovering from the Stupefy spell. He wondered where his sister-in-law was. "Bellatrix...!" he called. "We have some things to, ah, discuss."

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[22 Aug 2004|06:07pm]

Narcissa woke with a start. She looked around and realised she must have fallen asleep on the couch in front of the large fireplace in the Manor. She had been reading whilst awaiting her husband's return; her book now lay on the floor. She bent down and picked it up, smoothing out the pages that had crumpled when she had dropped it. she looked at the clock on the mantelpiece. It was late. Lucius was not back from his mission yet.
Narcissa began to worry. Lucius would normally have been back by now. What if something had happened to him? She couldn't bear to think about it. She often worried about Lucius when he was out on missions for the Dark Lord, but her concern for her husband was greater than usual, having, not two days earlier, discovered she was pregnant. She had yet to tell Lucius the news, because he had been called urgently to a Death Eater meeting and then put straight into this mission. The only other person who knew of her pregancy, was Marlene McKinnon, who had recently become something of a confidente to Narcissa.
Narcissa decided it was no good to sit there worrying. "If something had gone wrong, I would've been informed of it" she reassured herself. With a sigh of resignation, Narcissa opened her book, and began to read once more.

((OOC- i was thinking maybe Bella could let Narcissa know about Lucius, but i didnt want to post this in her entry as it didnt really follow on. hope this is ok with everyone))

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[19 Aug 2004|06:05pm]

[ mood | creative ]

The next day, Sirius thrashed around in his bed, the effects of the sleeping draught brought by Dumbledore slowly wearing off, making his mind conjure up all sorts of strange and unwanted images. Deatheaters....his friends...a rat..and the Dark Lords face hovering over it all. He mentally pushed it all away, crying out in his sleep, making no sense at all. The images that plagued him became sharper and he could hear voices, harsh laughs and taunting that made him wish he were dead...he tried his hardest to push them away, and slowly, they began to retreat. They got softer and softer, until the only voice he could hear was a soft, caring voice....one he didnt recognise.

"Its ok...lie still Sirius..This will make it better..you poor lad.."

He wondered who it could be, who could he hear? Then, as if the thought had never struck him before, it came to him. Open your eyes. Struggling..it felt like they were glued shut, he prised his eyes open slightly, only to see a figure looming over him with a wand raised. He uttered a strangled cry, convinced that what he had seen in his dreams was reality. He closed his eyes, only to hear the soft soothing voice once more.

"Come on Sirius, open your eyes. I know you can do it, look at me Sirius, look at me, its ok, Im not here to hurt you, you're safe here."

Was he really safe? Who did the voice belong to, and who was the person standing over him. Where they one and the same person? How could they be...the person standing over him wanted to kill him. Didnt they? Maybe...Open your eyes he thought to himself again, as he once again strugled against gravity itself to pull his eyelids open. Again he saw the figure standing over him, no wand this time, and he bit back the cry that leaped to his throat. As the person slowly came into focus he realised he could hear the voice again.

"Thats it, good lad, look at me, come on...can you see me?"

It was the same person. The woman standing over him smiled as he nodded yes to her question, instantly regretting it, as his head painfully objected to the movement. He tried to speak, but his mouth was so dry that he coughed painfully. The nurse handed him a glass of water, but when he tried to lift a weakened arm to take it from her, he dropped it and it smashed on the foor next to his bed.

"Dont worry" said the nurse as she took out her wand and cleared up the mess with a spell. Sirius flinched at the sight of the wand, but when it became apparent she wasnt going to use it on him, he relaxed. She got him another glass of water with straw and held it while he drained the water away.

"Where am I?" he croaked, turning to her as she set the glass down on the table beside him.

"You're in St Mungo's dear" she told him, with a reasuring glance "You're safe now. Do you remember what happened?" She asked him. Sirius grimaced as he searched his mind for the memories that he had pushed so deep in his sleep. He found memories, ones that scared him and he closed his eyes...

"My...friends...deatheaters...laughing" he said as silent tears slid down his face, unable to say anymore. The nurse looked at him with pity, not sure exactly what he remembered, and not wanting to push it as it obviously hurt to talk about it.

Instead she left him alone, and went out to her station. Dumbledore had wanted to be informed as soon as anything changed, and this was a pretty big change. She was glad he had woken up...now all they had to find out was if there was any lasting damage. Finishing up the small note, she tied it to her owl, and sent him out, positive he woud find Dumbledore wherever he might be.

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Aftermath. [20 Aug 2004|09:50pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Bellatrix Lestrange appeared suddenly in the garden of her husband's manor, dragging her paralyzed brother-in-law. The Recaller in her hand sizzled slightly, before shrinking to half its size, having fulfilled its purpose. The woman stumbled in the darkness, falling to her knees in the grass before thinking of summoning up some light.

Failure. Utter failure.

The word stung, and gnawed away at her. She had never experienced such resounding defeat since she began working for the Dark Lord. With a little groan, she slumped over, sitting awkwardly on the lawn. It must be early morning. Rodolphus wasn't home. The manor was empty. Her brother was unconscious.

And He would probably want a report on the nights' activities. Bella sighed, glanced over at the man and waved her wand, dispelling the simple Petrificus Totalus charm. She slowly, achingly, tottered back to her feet, a hand pressed tight to her bruised ribs.

She would try to Ennervate him as soon as they were back in the manor. As soon as she found the elves, and forced them to make some food. Hopefully, he'd be awake by the time the Dark Lord required a report, and she'd be fast asleep, dozing off memory of the last night.


[OOC: All set for Lucius to wake up again. I think. :D! And then this can lead on to a Voldie being very very Unhappy with his followers.]

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[12 Aug 2004|01:47pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

They were coming towards him..he backed up against a wall, and turning realised there was no where to go. Sweat glistened on his brow as he turned back to the Death Eaters advancing upon him. He looked surprised as they stopped, and tried to put on a brave face as they took out their wands. There were four of them..and as he waited for the expected curse, they did the unthinkable..they took off their masks!

Sirius gasped in surprise, but almost fainted from the second shock of the night...

"..James?" he gasped as his friend loomed over him wearing the death eaters robes with his mask and wand in his hands. A maniacal grin spread across James' face as he raised his wand and shouted the dreaded word "CRUCIO!"

Pain shot through Sirius' limbs, but it was nothing compared to the pain he felt at his friends betrayal. He glanced up at the other death eaters and let out an audible groan. Remus, and Lily stood laughing at his obvious pain and Alice stood to the side, her wand raised as she too let out a shout "CRUCIO!"

Sirius writhed on the floor of the dark alley, his spine bending and twisting in unnatural ways as pain coursed through his limbs like fire. His eyes screwed up, trying to stop from calling ut, but it was impossible. Screams left his lips as his best friends in the world cast curse upon curse until he lay limp at their feet.

The laughter from their lips assaulted his ears, and tears streamed down his face unnoticed by the people he thought he loved. He prayed they would leave him, but it was too much to ask as he felt a jolt to his side, and realised he had been kicked in the ribs. Cruel taunting was coming at him from four different angles, as he was physically beaten up in the way he wouldnt even treat an animal. He tried to block out his 'friends' voices but the cruel laughter was more that he couls bear so he slowly slipped into the black void, away from the madness surrounding him....

.....Sirius stopped thrashing as the nurse lifted her wand after subduing him with a spell. She shook her head, wondering what went on in the unconcious mind of her patient, who spent every hour thrashing and moaning in the private room they had placed him in. There was only so much a mind could take, and she feared he had been pushed too far...way past his limits. It was lucky they found him when they did, but she was unsure as to how much they could do for him even now.

The only improvement in the last few hours was that the shallow wounds that covered his body had stopped bleeding...but it was his mind they were worried about. She glanced at his face as she left the room, the tears that had not stopped flowing since he arrived coursing paths in his cheeks and touching her heart. The nurse sighed as she sat back down, keeping an eye on the magical monitors on the wall that told her how each patient was doing. She worried about Sirius, but also about the events that placed him here. How would anyone be safe with those damned death eaters running around and a mad man like Voldemort *she shuddered even thinking his name* in charge?

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[12 Aug 2004|06:39pm]

"I see someone," Lucius whispered. And sure enough, there was a couple standing a short distance from where the few Death-Eaters had gathered.

Lucius, looking at the masked faces of the Death-Eaters said, "I thought more muggles would have showed up but apparently its just these folks. Alright, you know what to do. Crabbe, Goyle, you two distract them while Lestrange and I will come up from behind and do some threatening etcetera, etcetera, and do some questioning. Let's go."

The Death-Eaters proceeded to move swiftly and quietly towards the couple.

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