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They were coming towards him..he backed up against a wall, and turning realised there was no where to go. Sweat glistened on his brow as he turned back to the Death Eaters advancing upon him. He looked surprised as they stopped, and tried to put on a brave face as they took out their wands. There were four of them..and as he waited for the expected curse, they did the unthinkable..they took off their masks!

Sirius gasped in surprise, but almost fainted from the second shock of the night...

"..James?" he gasped as his friend loomed over him wearing the death eaters robes with his mask and wand in his hands. A maniacal grin spread across James' face as he raised his wand and shouted the dreaded word "CRUCIO!"

Pain shot through Sirius' limbs, but it was nothing compared to the pain he felt at his friends betrayal. He glanced up at the other death eaters and let out an audible groan. Remus, and Lily stood laughing at his obvious pain and Alice stood to the side, her wand raised as she too let out a shout "CRUCIO!"

Sirius writhed on the floor of the dark alley, his spine bending and twisting in unnatural ways as pain coursed through his limbs like fire. His eyes screwed up, trying to stop from calling ut, but it was impossible. Screams left his lips as his best friends in the world cast curse upon curse until he lay limp at their feet.

The laughter from their lips assaulted his ears, and tears streamed down his face unnoticed by the people he thought he loved. He prayed they would leave him, but it was too much to ask as he felt a jolt to his side, and realised he had been kicked in the ribs. Cruel taunting was coming at him from four different angles, as he was physically beaten up in the way he wouldnt even treat an animal. He tried to block out his 'friends' voices but the cruel laughter was more that he couls bear so he slowly slipped into the black void, away from the madness surrounding him....

.....Sirius stopped thrashing as the nurse lifted her wand after subduing him with a spell. She shook her head, wondering what went on in the unconcious mind of her patient, who spent every hour thrashing and moaning in the private room they had placed him in. There was only so much a mind could take, and she feared he had been pushed too far...way past his limits. It was lucky they found him when they did, but she was unsure as to how much they could do for him even now.

The only improvement in the last few hours was that the shallow wounds that covered his body had stopped bleeding...but it was his mind they were worried about. She glanced at his face as she left the room, the tears that had not stopped flowing since he arrived coursing paths in his cheeks and touching her heart. The nurse sighed as she sat back down, keeping an eye on the magical monitors on the wall that told her how each patient was doing. She worried about Sirius, but also about the events that placed him here. How would anyone be safe with those damned death eaters running around and a mad man like Voldemort *she shuddered even thinking his name* in charge?
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