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Bellatrix Lestrange appeared suddenly in the garden of her husband's manor, dragging her paralyzed brother-in-law. The Recaller in her hand sizzled slightly, before shrinking to half its size, having fulfilled its purpose. The woman stumbled in the darkness, falling to her knees in the grass before thinking of summoning up some light.

Failure. Utter failure.

The word stung, and gnawed away at her. She had never experienced such resounding defeat since she began working for the Dark Lord. With a little groan, she slumped over, sitting awkwardly on the lawn. It must be early morning. Rodolphus wasn't home. The manor was empty. Her brother was unconscious.

And He would probably want a report on the nights' activities. Bella sighed, glanced over at the man and waved her wand, dispelling the simple Petrificus Totalus charm. She slowly, achingly, tottered back to her feet, a hand pressed tight to her bruised ribs.

She would try to Ennervate him as soon as they were back in the manor. As soon as she found the elves, and forced them to make some food. Hopefully, he'd be awake by the time the Dark Lord required a report, and she'd be fast asleep, dozing off memory of the last night.


[OOC: All set for Lucius to wake up again. I think. :D! And then this can lead on to a Voldie being very very Unhappy with his followers.]
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