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The next day, Sirius thrashed around in his bed, the effects of the sleeping draught brought by Dumbledore slowly wearing off, making his mind conjure up all sorts of strange and unwanted images. Deatheaters....his friends...a rat..and the Dark Lords face hovering over it all. He mentally pushed it all away, crying out in his sleep, making no sense at all. The images that plagued him became sharper and he could hear voices, harsh laughs and taunting that made him wish he were dead...he tried his hardest to push them away, and slowly, they began to retreat. They got softer and softer, until the only voice he could hear was a soft, caring he didnt recognise.

"Its ok...lie still Sirius..This will make it poor lad.."

He wondered who it could be, who could he hear? Then, as if the thought had never struck him before, it came to him. Open your eyes. felt like they were glued shut, he prised his eyes open slightly, only to see a figure looming over him with a wand raised. He uttered a strangled cry, convinced that what he had seen in his dreams was reality. He closed his eyes, only to hear the soft soothing voice once more.

"Come on Sirius, open your eyes. I know you can do it, look at me Sirius, look at me, its ok, Im not here to hurt you, you're safe here."

Was he really safe? Who did the voice belong to, and who was the person standing over him. Where they one and the same person? How could they be...the person standing over him wanted to kill him. Didnt they? Maybe...Open your eyes he thought to himself again, as he once again strugled against gravity itself to pull his eyelids open. Again he saw the figure standing over him, no wand this time, and he bit back the cry that leaped to his throat. As the person slowly came into focus he realised he could hear the voice again.

"Thats it, good lad, look at me, come on...can you see me?"

It was the same person. The woman standing over him smiled as he nodded yes to her question, instantly regretting it, as his head painfully objected to the movement. He tried to speak, but his mouth was so dry that he coughed painfully. The nurse handed him a glass of water, but when he tried to lift a weakened arm to take it from her, he dropped it and it smashed on the foor next to his bed.

"Dont worry" said the nurse as she took out her wand and cleared up the mess with a spell. Sirius flinched at the sight of the wand, but when it became apparent she wasnt going to use it on him, he relaxed. She got him another glass of water with straw and held it while he drained the water away.

"Where am I?" he croaked, turning to her as she set the glass down on the table beside him.

"You're in St Mungo's dear" she told him, with a reasuring glance "You're safe now. Do you remember what happened?" She asked him. Sirius grimaced as he searched his mind for the memories that he had pushed so deep in his sleep. He found memories, ones that scared him and he closed his eyes...

"My...friends...deatheaters...laughing" he said as silent tears slid down his face, unable to say anymore. The nurse looked at him with pity, not sure exactly what he remembered, and not wanting to push it as it obviously hurt to talk about it.

Instead she left him alone, and went out to her station. Dumbledore had wanted to be informed as soon as anything changed, and this was a pretty big change. She was glad he had woken all they had to find out was if there was any lasting damage. Finishing up the small note, she tied it to her owl, and sent him out, positive he woud find Dumbledore wherever he might be.
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