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Lucius Malfoy

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Lucius woke to some blurry images scattering around him. He immediately got up, prepared to fight, thinking he was still in battle. His vision began to clear and he noticed several house-elves were tending to him.

"Aaagh, get off of me!" Lucius yelled, sounding disgusted. The house-elves, taken aback, ran off. He looked around the room and noticed he was in the Lestrange's Manor. He then remembered the events of last night and the failure of their mission. Then it hit him. The Dark Lord would be wanting a report and a reason why their mission did not succeed. A look of horror briefly came across Lucius's face. He was the one in charge, afterall. The Dark Lord had appointed him. "Well, it wasn't my fault." Lucius reassured himself.

Lucius swayed slightly as he rose to get up, still recovering from the Stupefy spell. He wondered where his sister-in-law was. "Bellatrix...!" he called. "We have some things to, ah, discuss."
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