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Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

(OOC: If Aberforth would be kind enough to start a thread with the bar scene, everyone could arrive there ;-) )

Hagrid's portkey left him in a small town outside Portree. It'd be two days before the portkey would take him back to London, just enough time to "catch the Pride of Portree game" as he'd told the officials in the Department of Magical Transportation office. He'd have to be careful and be sure to make an appearance at the game... he certainly stands out in a crowd, and it wouldn't do for any spies that the Dark Lord may have working in the Ministry to know he was here keeping an eye on the Giants. But Hagrid certainly wasn't adverse to this situation, the fact was that Hagrid quite enjoyed Quidditch. Never having been one with much of a disposition for flying on a broom, there weren't many as would hold him to be sure, he loved to watch the matches, and imagine himself soaring above the pitch... he'd always thought he'd make an excellent beater. But first he had some business to attend to, and began his trek to a small village just north of Portree that had been recently harried by the Giants, and from there to pick up the trail. Which certainly would be no problem to follow...

Meanwhile Dumbledore was continuing his examination of Sirius's dream in his pensieve. What bothered him the most was how specific the images Sirius saw were... How would it be that James, Lilly, and Remus would be the specific images used to torment him? Certainly there were spells that could amplify emotions of trust and mistrust, but the mind is not a book to read... to cast specific images into the mind, that would certainly take very specific information to be known ahead of time... he was certain of it. And then he saw it... as Sirius came around the corner, a Death Eater, standing just out of sight, cast a spell at Sirius from behind... as though he had been waiting for him. Which of course is exactly what it had to have been. The muggles they tortured, while obviously an enjoyable perk, were merely the bait they used to lure Sirius down that street. If they knew he would be there... and they knew who he trusted most... there was only one explanation for this..

(Post is too long, continued inside...)
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