Aberforth Valentine Caligula Dumbledore (flying_goats) wrote in order_phoenix,
Aberforth Valentine Caligula Dumbledore

At 4:30pm on the following Thursday, a fight broke out in the Hog's Head. By 5pm, the sign said 'Closed for Repairs'. Aberforth paid the actors he had placed in the inn, and started to clear away in preparation for the meeting that evening.

Although he disliked the fights necessary to make ready for meetings, the idea of people meeting, dressed like the old druids, in his pub made him content. And perhaps he should be privy on this particular occasion. But he must consult his brother on that. It was his party, after all.

Setting out the usual selection of drinks (no alcohol, too dangerous), he lit the fire to a hearty blaze with a quick wave of his wand and settled down to wait.
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