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Patch work feathers and mixed up charms.

Sirius put down his wand and placed his hand in his pocket, drawing out the card he had felt warming up moments before.

"Nothing Tonight. Drinks. Thursday. 6pm. TELL NO ONE."

At last, something to be doing. He had been practising his charms all afternoon, at the insistence of Lily, as he still couldnt beat her when it came to the blasted things. If there was one thing Sirius hated, it was losing, especially to Evans, as much as he liked her. So the day had been spent, and now the Potters house looked like a hurricane had been through it...a few times. He set to picking up cushions, vanishing the feathers that lay here and there with his wand, and righting the furniture as best he could.

He hoped Lily wouldn't notice, that perhaps she would be to excited about the meeting tonight. Not that he would mention it of course...never speak about it, those were the rules. But he would still be able to tell by her eyes. They lit up, and she got chatty, very chatty.

He had stayed at with his two friends again last night, after their game of quidditch on the moors. He hated going home, his family frowned down on him, and it wouldnt be the first time he had been hexed in the dark hallway to his bedroom. Bloody house was so full of dark magic, Sirius wondered why the ministry hadnt searched it yet. Then again, hefty donations would keep even the keenest dogs away.

He looked at the muggle clock that Lily kept on the mantlepiece, his watch being broken again. He couldnt afford to buy another one, and he didnt see the point really. This was the third one he had broken. But honestly, what a place for a watch! On the wrist?! The nect thing you know, your hands are in water, and the 'poof!' there goes the watch. Stupid muggle invention anyway. Wristwatch?

Sirius shook his head, glancing down at the broken time piece, before sitting down on the couch. White feathers mixed in with the yellow ones he had removed -by hand- from himself earlier in the day. Lily always protected her charms, and that was yet anohter thing he needed to work on. He sighed, and sat back. Too much work for today, he could do it some other time. Looking up as someone came in the front door, he waited for them to enter the sitting room without saying anything.

[open for Lily, James....Remus maybe? anyone really]
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There were moments in her life, Lily thought as she paced up the aisle of the store, when she felt like a school girl, like she had never really gotten past age seventeen, just gained a few new friends and amplified her wild streak. Drinks the other night, for instance, or playing Quidditch very badily yesterday. She liked those moments.

There were moments, too, during which she felt like she played out a seventeen year old's game of heroics. The night in the park, all adrenaline and gut-wrenching terror and the knowledge of her own arrogance at the thrill of fighting for good. Those were the disorienting moments, really, at once so heavily adult and so child's romantic notion of being a hero.

And then, Lily thought as she picked up a carton of milk, there were moments when she felt like a middle-aged Muggle housewife. A happy middle-aged housewife, but a middle-aged housewife none-the-less. Doing the shopping. Hunh.

She was leaving the store with a sack of household necessities when she felt the familiar heat emanating from her pocket.

"Nothing Tonight. Drinks. Thursday. 8pm. TELL NO ONE."

"Tell no one, hmm?" Ooh. Secrets were always good for restoring the adventurous feeling. Even if this did sound a bit sinister. Lily simply wasn't going to worry about it.

She walked in the front door and crossed the hall to the kitchen, where she put away her purchases, and then turned toward the sitting room in time to see Sirius looking tired and very innocent on her couch. She took one look around the room before raising her eyebrows at him.

"Your arranging skills are improving," she said mildly, straightening a cushion. "All the mess seems to be pushed toward the corners, at least. The feathers on the couch are a bit of an oversight, though. Was it wind charms?"
Sirius looked up innocently as Lily walked in, taking in her raised eyebrows as she surveyed the mess.

"Your arranging skills are improving. All the mess seems to be pushed toward the corners, at least." He shrugged, though he had done that on purpose...clearing most of the floor space.

"The feathers on the couch are a bit of an oversight, though. Was it wind charms?"

He opened his eyes wider, and shook his head.

"Dont know what you're talking about Lils. Was like this when I woke up. Must have been elves. House elves. Probably" He hoped he sounded convincing, though he knew his case really had no strength whatsoever.

If nothing else, he was the only one who had been covered in yellow feathers for the day. Oh well. He could hope that Lily oculd charm it all away better than he could. Though he was slightly insulted at her wind charm comment. Even if she had hit the metaphorical nail on the head.
Remus turned the last corner on his mile walk home from the store when he felt something in his pocket heat up. He looked around to see that no one was watching and then reached into his pocket and pulled the wizard card out. Dumbledore smiled back up at him. He turned the card over as if reading the statistics:

Nothing Tonight. Drinks. Thursday. 8pm. TELL NO ONE

‘Hmm,’ Remus thought to himself. ‘Tell no one… I wander what Dumbledore is trying to do… search out the rat?’ Remus shrugged and slipped the card back into his pocket. He looked down at his watch. “Oh geez” he said audibly and picked up the pace.

Remus walked into his apartment 5 minutes later and headed straight for the kitchen. Thursday night he always went to Lily and James house for dinner, even though they had been there just the day before. Remus was glad for it though, it was nice to have little bit of consistency in life. He walked over to the pot on the stove. Remus decided to use a slow-cooking spell and make some chili for supper. This was a recipe his mother had picked up on an occasion she was in America. Remus wished he could have gone to America to get the ingredients. The stuff he could find here just wasn’t quite prefect. Remus leaned over the stove to get a taste of the chili. As he leaned over he felt a twinge in his back. He was still at little sore from Quidditch.

A few minutes later, he put a cool-touch charm on the pot and picked in up and apperated.

He landed in Lily’s kitchen. He was very quite when he entered. Remus was very proud of his ability to arrive somewhere with out making much noise. He put the pot on the stove and walked into the living room.

Don’t know what you're talking about Lils. Was like this when I woke up. Must have been elves. House elves. Probably

The room still had feathers all over it. Remus chuckled at Sirius’s comment.

“Oye Padfoot, I think you still need a little practice” he laughed.
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Lily shook her head at Sirius.
"If it were house elves, everything would be lovely and neat in here. Besides, I've never met a feathered house elf."

The witch waved at Remus. "I say we let him practice in your flat, next time. It's a quicker clean up. What did you bring for supper? Sirius is staying," she said decisively, even though she hadn't asked the man if he planned to or not.
Sirius grinned as Lily told Remus he was staying for tea.

"Nice one Lils'" he said, jumping up and lifting her up in a hug that resembled a firemans lift and spun her around. She was such a light little thing, and they were close enough friends that it wasnt weird when he did it. It was just funny. At least for him anyway.
"Sirius! Lily!"

The wounded shock in the voice from the kitched door was belied by the laughter in James' eyes; he feigned dramatics, a hand to his chest, expression betrayed.

"How could you?"

He held the seriousness for a few beats before he grinned and motioned to the living room.

"Who exploded a chicken?"
Sirius laughed as he put Lily down, steadying her with an arm upon her shoulder. Being spun around can make you dizzy, after all.

"James, mate, you know if anyone was to have her, you'd rather it was me" He snuck a glance at Lily, knowing she wouldnt like being talked about like she belonged to anyone. Still, he loved to make her mad, always had.

"And as for the elves. Right Lils?"
Lily laughed as Sirius spun her; back on her feet, she made a face at James and then turned to glare at Sirius.

"I don't expect you could handle me, if you 'had' me, Mr. Black," she said indignantly. "That would take a man."

The witch started scooping feathers off of the couch and waved a handful at Sirius.
"Not an exploding chicken with hallucinations of feathered house elves. Shall we eat now?" She asked, thinking of the meeting; she almost mentioned it, remembering only after she had opened her mouth again that she was supposed to TELL NO ONE. A precaution against the supposed spy? Well, at least she was sure that it wasn't any of her friends.
Sirius gasped in mock-indignation, and put his hand to his chest.

"Lily, you wound me so" he exclaimed, looking hurt. Turning to look at James, he winked, before turning back to Lily.

"Wont you run away with me? Prongs isnt man enough for you anyway, not over me. I could show you a good time..." he said, trying to persuade her without laughing and failing dramatically.
James grinned in return at Sirius behind Lily's back before he was all theatrics and playacting again. He scoffed.

"You? What, at a dog park? I'm much more fun. And it's not as though I'm, oh, say, her husband or anything mad like that. Although...I suppose I could see if Alice fancies me...she is a right catch, isn't she?" he mused thoughtfully.

"Right, then!" James said with a decisive nod. "Lily, you and Sirius have fun, I'm going after Alice." Turning on his heel for the door, James bit back a grin and tried to keep from thinking about the reprecussions of the note that'd signaled earlier, what it'd said. Tell no one? He'd follow Albus' direction, of course, and at the least he'd respect his wishes; James would say nothing. But why not tell anyone? Wasn't as though the others wouln't know, was it? Unless...of course they'd suspected for some time, but it wasn't one of them, it couldn't be, so why...?

But he wouldn't think on that now. Now, he was messing around with his friends, having dinner with them, and it was normalcy like this that evened out the knowledge of how much danger they were all in every single day. Not that James minded. It was worth it, he never doubted that for a second, but sometimes it was nice. This, not being in mortal danger joking around, was nice.
Mooney laughed as his friends fooled around. He often enjoyed just sitting back and smiling at his friends shenanigans, but not often joining in. He leaned against the kitchen door jam when James walked in and nodded at him.

“James, I don’t think Frank would be to keen on you going after Alice. I know he looks soft…” He laughed. Frank was a little portly. “But I don’t think you want to cross him.”

He smiled. And then noticed a brief strained look on James’ face, but he shook it off.

“Right then…” he said, breaking up the somewhat awkward silence. “Who wants some home made Chili?” he said and turned towards the kitchen.
Sirius laughed as James mentioned going after Alice. "You leave my Alice alone!" he said, grinning. "Franks got nothing on me!"

As remus got up and offerent Chilli to everyone, Sirius jumped up and donw, much as he did when he was in school.

"Oh, me, I want some, Im starved! Is it made already?" he asked
Lily shook her head at James. "You're both wrong. The one I really want is Dumbledore. Think I have a chance?"

She followed Remus toward the kitchen. "Maybe they'll both go after Alice, and we can take bets on who will win her. My guess is that she'll throttle them both. If you'll serve the chili, I'll have time to mix up a salad. Someone has to keep you boys healthy. What time is it?" she called out of the kitchen; no clocks in there.
"Nearly six," James answered, following the pair back into the kitchen. Pocket watch. Terribly handy. Besides, he'd...adapted it; given proper commands it could switch to any time anywhere in the world. Dead handy, theoretically.

"And I think," he answered, kissing Lily on the cheek as he leaned around her and reached to get the plates, "You and Dumbledore would make a lovely couple. Do be sure and tell me when the wedding is to be, eh?"
"You can be my flower girl," Lily told James, reaching into the cupboard for a bowl. "You'd look stunning in pink." She turned around and smirked at her husband.

"Ah! I've got it," she added a moment later as she shooed everyone toward the table. "The two of you can have a duel for Alice's hand, and we can appease Frank with the loser. That leaves Remus."
Remus stood giving the Chili a final stir before they sat down and ate. Remus had just tasted the chili when he heard Lily say:

That leaves Remus

Remus almost choked on the chili. His friends often harassed him about his love life, or lack thereof.

“Remus can take care of himself” he called jovially to his friends. Then his picked up the chili and carried it into the dining room.

With the air of some one who wanted to change the subject he said “Alright, who wants chili” as he began to ladle chili into the bowls sitting on the table.
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"Oh, no he can't," Lily replied just as pleasantly. "That's why he has us to look after him. And a fine job of it we do."

She grabbed a set of plates and passed them around the table, serving salad onto each.
"Eat your greens, boys. I don't want any complaining."

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"Yes, Mum," James intoned with a grin. Personally he wasn't a big fan of said greens. As a child he'd had a knack for vanishing them when his mother hadn't been looking, when he could get hold of one of his parents' wands.

Knew better than to try and pull that on Lily, of course, but he immediately neglected salad in favour of chili just the same. So he wasn't complaining, he was just...not eating it. One out of two directives wasn't bad.

It would've been easy to harp on Remus about the whole romantic situation, but despite his occasionally merciless sense of humor, James had long grown out of his cruel streak, and he let it drop.

"Top-notch, Moony," he said, motioning at his bowl, "I'm impressed, as always. This's American, isn't it?"
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"Well, I'm glad to see you are enjoying it!" Lupin chuckled nervously. It looked like he had dodged a bullet from James about his love life, or lack thereof.

Moony had another bite of his salad and then looked around the table and said, in a very fatherly tone, "So how was everyone's day?"