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Patch work feathers and mixed up charms.

Sirius put down his wand and placed his hand in his pocket, drawing out the card he had felt warming up moments before.

"Nothing Tonight. Drinks. Thursday. 6pm. TELL NO ONE."

At last, something to be doing. He had been practising his charms all afternoon, at the insistence of Lily, as he still couldnt beat her when it came to the blasted things. If there was one thing Sirius hated, it was losing, especially to Evans, as much as he liked her. So the day had been spent, and now the Potters house looked like a hurricane had been through it...a few times. He set to picking up cushions, vanishing the feathers that lay here and there with his wand, and righting the furniture as best he could.

He hoped Lily wouldn't notice, that perhaps she would be to excited about the meeting tonight. Not that he would mention it of course...never speak about it, those were the rules. But he would still be able to tell by her eyes. They lit up, and she got chatty, very chatty.

He had stayed at with his two friends again last night, after their game of quidditch on the moors. He hated going home, his family frowned down on him, and it wouldnt be the first time he had been hexed in the dark hallway to his bedroom. Bloody house was so full of dark magic, Sirius wondered why the ministry hadnt searched it yet. Then again, hefty donations would keep even the keenest dogs away.

He looked at the muggle clock that Lily kept on the mantlepiece, his watch being broken again. He couldnt afford to buy another one, and he didnt see the point really. This was the third one he had broken. But honestly, what a place for a watch! On the wrist?! The nect thing you know, your hands are in water, and the 'poof!' there goes the watch. Stupid muggle invention anyway. Wristwatch?

Sirius shook his head, glancing down at the broken time piece, before sitting down on the couch. White feathers mixed in with the yellow ones he had removed -by hand- from himself earlier in the day. Lily always protected her charms, and that was yet anohter thing he needed to work on. He sighed, and sat back. Too much work for today, he could do it some other time. Looking up as someone came in the front door, he waited for them to enter the sitting room without saying anything.

[open for Lily, James....Remus maybe? anyone really]
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