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The Order of the Phoenix

1st time round

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The Order of the Phoenix - Harry Potter Roleplaying Community.

Hello! I see you have found The Order of the Phoenix! Welcome. Now, down to business. This is a roleplaying community for anyone who is seriously interested in two things. Harry Potter and Roleplaying. There are rules to follow, and things to do, and if we all do and follow them, things should work smoothly.

Setting for the community.
The time is one year before Harry's birth, two years before Voldemort's downfall. The wizarding world is in chaos, half of the wizards revealing themselves as Death Eaters, and the other half too scared to do anything. There is hope, however. There is a small band of wizards and witches who are willing to try and stop Voldemort, headed by Albus Dumbledore.

Hogwarts is still running, though classes are regurly dispruted by Auror searches of the castle, much to Dumbledore's annoyance. The main focus of classes is defence against the Dark Arts, though some feel the Dark Arts themselves should be taught to the students. Dumbledore is trying to keep the school unaffected by whats happening, but it's hard when students' parents are dying, and their world is in chaos.

The muggle world is in slight turmoil, though they have yet to spot a connection between all the random acts of violence happening across the globe, putting it down to "bad luck" or "bad karma". Muggle Authorities have been told by the Ministry whats happening, but they refuse to realise Voldemort's full potential danger.

The focus of this community is on the Order of the Phoenix and their fight against Voldemort, not on what's happening in Hogwarts, though that may sometimes come into the roleplay. Do not apply as students, you won't be accepted. There are other communities that focus on Hogwarts students, so go there if that is what you are looking for.

Here are just a few ideas as to who you might want to be. Feel free to make up an original character, though if you want one in the Order, you need to take a name from above. Nothing is known about most of these characters. so feel free to do as you wish with them, but keep their names. No one who is not up there will be in the Order in the RP-ing. Also feel free to use other bad guys too, these are just some names that might be helpful in choosing.

The side of Good:
The original Order of the Phoenix:
James Potter...........prongs_jp (*character available*)
Lily Potter...............phoenix_lily (AIM ~ Savageflight)
Remus Lupin............rj_mooney_lupin (AIM ~ rjmooneylupin)
Sirius Black..............sirius_wizard (AIM ~ beesdontsleep)
Peter Pettigrew.......pettigrew_rat (AIM ~ pettigrewrat)
Albus Dumbledore....a_p_w_b_d (AIM ~ raistlinka)
Severus Snape.........severus_spy (AIM ~ telegramsam)
Alastor Moody..........oris_penetralis (AIM ~ hardcore duckling)
Rubeus Hagrid
Dedalus Diggle
Marlene mcKinnon......mckinnon_girl (AIM ~ JaneyBubble)
Emmeline Vance........emmy_vance (AIM ~ Agent KoW FBI)
Benjy Fenwick
Edgar Bones
Amelia Bones
Sturgis Podmore
Caradoc Dearborn
Elphias Doge
Gideon Prewett
Fabian Prewett
Aberforth Dumbledore...flying_goats
Dorcas Meadowes
Frank Longbottom.......Auror
Alice Longbottom.......auror_alice (AIM ~ chibielf)

Other good guys:
Arthur Weasley
Molly Weasley.........(Bill would be about 10 now, Charlie about 8 and Percy about 4)
Milicent Bagnold......(Minister for Magic)

The side of Evil.
Voldemort.............lordvoldiething (pezdispenser538)
Lucius Malfoy.........the_lucius (AIM ~ ihatemggls)
Narcissa Malfoy.......born_black (AIM ~ jenfeck)
Mrs Black.............(Sirius' Mum, name?)
Regulus Black
Bellatrix Lestrange...wicked_black (AIM ~ jyuulii)
Rodolphus Lestrange
Rabastan Lestrange
Barty Crouch (Junior)

Rules and Regulations

#1. I want this community to be a lively game for all of us to enjoy. In order to achieve that, people must post regularly (at least once a week). Failure to do so will result in a warning from one of the mods (Kirsty or Sam) and eventually removal from the community. If you are unable to post for an extended length of time, please inform one of us by email to let us know why, and how long and we will try and work something out.

#2. All members are expected to associate themselves with the OOC board, ooc_phoenix. ANy questions, comments about characters, storylines, plots etc go here, not in the rp comm. Any big ideas, plots you want to work into the rp, should be aired here first to make sure you have to co-operation of the characters you want to involve.

#3. Everyone involved is required to create a seperate journal, named for their character, once the roleplay starts. You are not required to make one until you character is accepted. A character icon should also be used, so people can identify your post etc more easily. This/These icons should then be used throughout the game. The idea of these journals, is not to write in them as your character (though you can feel free to do so, but it will not be involved in the rp). It is merely to allow people to recognise your posts and comments. No rping will take place in the seperate journals, all rping will take place in the community. Thats what its there for. thanks. If you want to use the personal journal as a journal for your character, feel free, and people may comment in them, in character, but the main rp storylines will be worked through in the community.

#4. When posting, please dont just write a few sentances. In order to be here, you should be a decent writer (you dont need to be a whizz, just decent) so you should be able to manage a couple of paragraphs per post.

#5. Be nice. Dont flame people, dont critiscise, and dont be mean. If you have a problem, take it up with me (dabria), or Sam (telegramsam) and we will try to sort it out. If you have a problem with the storyline, post in the OOC community, and hopefully it will get sorted out.

#6. All posts must be in third person. If you dont know what that means, ask one of us. I have found that this is the best way to post, as more attention is then paid to what is happening around the character, and not just to the character.

#7. Anyone who, after reading these rules, still wants to join, please post your character bio in the community and wait to hear if you have been accepted or not. You may not post/comment until you are accepted by both of the mods. We would also like to see a sample of your writing, either link us, or attach it to the post. We will then comment in the thread, and let you know whether or not you have been accepted.

#8. Have fun!

telegramsam's advice: Check your character against The Harry Potter Mary-Sue Litmus Test and make sure it passes before submitting your application for a better chance of being accepted. Cardinal sins include outlandish names, superfluous physical descriptions (if you spend more than one sentence describing how marvelously stunning your characer looks, forget it. And no lavender eyes and golden locks, please.), weird animal familiars (An owl or cat is fine. No dragons or unicorn-riders please, and only Dumbledore gets a phoenix.), weird powers that don't exist in the books, overly "tragic" and melodramatic pasts not supported by the text, etc.

Important Note on Animagi: Before you write your character as having an animagus form, please remember that the books state clearly that there are very few animagi, or at least, very few who have been registered with the Ministry of Magic. The book *has* clearly shown that illegal animagi exist, such as the marauders and Rita Skeeter, but unless such an ability is *central* to your character (and not in that obnoxious Mary Sue "Look at me, I'm so great!" kind of way), please consider the issue very hard before including it (and if you do, they *will* be an illegal one, unless its McGonagall), as it's likely to be vetoed by the mods anyhow.

Taken Character List/Info

Sirius Black ~ sirius_wizard
Severus Snape ~ severus_spy
Remus Lupin ~ rj_mooney_lupin
Lily Potter ~ phoenix_lily
James Potter ~ prongs_jp
Peter Pettigrew ~ pettigrew_rat
Emmeline Vance ~ emmy_vance
Marlene McKinnon ~ mckinnon_girl
Alice Longbottom ~ auror_alice
Lucius Malfoy ~ the_lucius
Voldemort ~ lordvoldiething
Albus Dumbledore ~ a_p_w_b_d
Aberforth Dumbledore ~ flying_goats
Narcissa Malfoy ~ born_black
Bellatrix Lestrange ~ wicked_black